CyberSeatbelt stops Ransomware

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Your car is full of warning systems to prevent an accident. Still, it can happen. In that case, a safety belt is indispensable to limit the damage. Security systems can also fail within your IT environment. What means do you have to limit the damage?

CyberSeatbelt is THE safety belt for your IT environment. In the event of a penetrated cyber attack, it is an indispensable product that drastically reduces business damage.
CyberSeatbelt monitors your (sensitive) data, alerts and immediately stops the process of file encryption by ransomware. Because of its scalability and price, CyberSeatbelt is suitable for all types of organisations and can be implemented within 1 day.

CyberSeatbelt is characterised by:
-Real-time monitoring                                   
-Reliable and simple
-Fast implementation
-Scalable and affordable
-Dutch product 

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